In dire need of help - Set 1


You've been dreaming for weeks now of wolf packs and a very attractive woman. Armed with yours witts and a group of friends you head towards the city-state of Weldir. With vivid devilish nightmares, you're bound to find someone to help you get to the bottom of these dreams.

You're not sure what's drawing you to this particular city of trade but no matter, it's autumn, and there are bound to be festivities. You've always dreamed of coming to these events. You've heard of these outlandish games and you're dying to find out what these weird games entails:

Tombs and Demons
Cauldrons and Runaways
Prey and Visions
Devils and Stars
Clerics and Imps
Vaults and Mazes
Lizards and Spells
Candles and Crystals
Idols and Veils
Hunters and Heathens

In dire need of help - Set 1

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