Minor Territories called minors: Triad


Political Ruler: Saner Saner

This very small region is mocked for their local superstitions. They are proud of their political leaders. They are bordered on four sides by mountains. Their relations with their neighbors to the northeast are friendly, while relations with neighbors to the southeast are civil. They are currently troubled by violent crime.

Motto: Industry and Citizenship


Political Ruler: Paen

This somewhat small region is sometimes troubled by political corruption. They are bordered on four sides by grasslands. Their relations with their neighbors to the west are stable, while relations with neighbors to the southwest are antagonistic.

Motto: Virtue and Fear 


Political Ruler: Content Not Found: Krivus

This region's people are fiercely loyal to their political leaders. They are bordered on two sides by mountains. Their relations with their neighbors to the northwest are favourable. There is one major city, located in the southeast of the region. They are often troubled by a poor economy. They are proud of their local livestock.

Motto: Struggle, Love, Inspiration


Human Cleric         Deity: Sehanine     Level: 20
Paragon Path: Divine Oracle
Str: 23     Con: 13     Dex: 9     Int: 17     Wis: 18     Cha: 16
Fort: 27   Ref: 24     Will: 27     AC: 21     Armor: leather
Hit Points: 120     Surge Value: 30     Surges: 8

At-will prayers:     Lance of Faith     Righteous Brand     Priest's Shield
Level 1 Daily: Beacon of Hope
Level 2 Utility: Shield of Faith
Level 6 Utility: Cure Serious Wounds
Level 7 Encounter: Strengthen the Faithful
Level 10 Utility: Shielding Word
 Level 13 Encounter: Inspiring Strike
Level 15 Daily: Seal of Warding
Level 16 Utility: Cloak of Peace
Level 17 Encounter: Enthrall
Level 19 Daily: Holy Wrath
Powers Replaced: level 1 encounter, level 3 encounter, level 5 daily, level 9 daily

Skills: Religion 18, Heal 19, Diplomacy 18, History 18, Insight 19
Feats: 13 paragon or lower feats

Annoyed by: mysteries
Sucker For: rogues
Favourite Sin: Vanity       Favourite Virtue: Kindness       Trusts in: Faith
He is the oldest child of several. His birthday is in the tenth month of the year.

Human Warlord         Commanding Presence: Tactical     Level: 16
Paragon Path: Warlock Multiclass
Str: 11     Con: 15     Dex: 7     Int: 14     Wis: 15     Cha: 22
Fort: 22   Ref: 21     Will: 26     AC: 22     Armor: chainmail
Hit Points: 102          Surge Value: 25       Surges: 9

At-will exploits:     Viper's Strike     Eyebite [Warlock]         Wolf Pack Tactics
Level 1 Encounter: Guarding Attack
Level 2 Utility: Knight's Move
Level 3 Encounter: Fiery Bolt [Warlock]
Level 5 Daily: Hunger of Hadar [Warlock]
Level 6 Utility: Shroud of Black Steel [Warlock]
   Level 9 Daily: Iron Dragon Charge
Level 10 Utility: Tactical Shift
Level 13 Encounter: Bolstering Blow
Level 15 Daily: Make Them Bleed
Level 16 Utility: White Raven Formation
 Paragon Multiclass Powers
Level 7 Encounter: Mire the Mind
Level 10 Utility: Ambassador Imp
Powers Replaced: level 1 daily, level 7 encounter

Skills: Endurance 15, Heal 15, Intimidate 19, Streetwise 19, Diplomacy 19, History 15
Feats: Pact Initiate [Multiclass Warlock], Novice Power, Acolyte Power, Adept Power, 7 paragon or lower feats

Annoyed by: flattery
Sucker For: rogues
Favourite Sin: Sloth       Favourite Virtue: Temperance       Trusts in: Strength
He has a strained relationship with several family members. His favourite drink is vodka.

Human Cleric         Deity: Raven Queen     Level: 10
Str: 15     Con: 14     Dex: 6     Int: 12     Wis: 20     Cha: 18
Fort: 18   Ref: 17     Will: 23     AC: 15     Armor: leather
Hit Points: 71     Surge Value: 17     Surges: 9

At-will prayers:     Righteous Brand     Sacred Flame     Lance of Faith
Level 1 Daily: Avenging Flame
Level 1 Encounter: Healing Strike
Level 2 Utility: Divine Aid
Level 3 Encounter: Blazing Beacon
Level 5 Daily: Consecrated Ground
 Level 6 Utility: Divine Vigor
Level 7 Encounter: Searing Light
Level 9 Daily: Flame Strike
Level 10 Utility: Knights of Unyielding Valor

Skills: Religion 11, Insight 15, Arcana 11, Diplomacy 14, Heal 15
Feats: 7 heroic feats

Annoyed by: elves
Sucker For: tieflings
Favourite Sin: Lust       Favourite Virtue: Diligence       Trusts in: Chaos
He has had bad experiences with fire. His birthday is in the eleventh month of the year. 



Type: polytheism (very patriarchal)
Direction: outwards
Focus: bringing in the messiah

Ruling Deities: The God of Valour and the God of Tricksters
Important Deities: the God of Flowers, the God of Summer, the God of Youth

Divine Interaction: is fairly rare

Involves: one major holy site
Afterlife: has a special place for heroes and cannot be reached while alive
Supernatural: demons (tricksters), monsters

Worship: solemn individual public sacrifices
Holidays: very few
Holidays Celebrate: the harvest, great rulers, past revalations, past miracles
Major Holiday(s): are week-long celebrations

Clergy: males only
Function: leaders in ritual, community leaders
Lifestyle: monastic
Family: very large (children encouraged)
Chosen: hereditary (somehow related to other clergy)
Distinguished By: a magical/divine aura
Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a knot of some sort and a crescent moon
Holy Color: violet

Passed Down: via a few holy books with much commentary
Creation Myth Type: world-parent
Mortals' Origin: children of the divine
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the betrayal

Deadly Sins: wrath, thoughtlessness, selfishness, blasphemy, despair and avarice
High Virtues: abstinence, moderation, responsibility, charity, selflessness, wisdom, chastity and honesty

Associated Artform: sculpture

Coming of Age: 9 years old (males only)
Coming of Age Rite: is not celebrated

Marriage: is used to forge political ties
Marriage Rites: involve private celebrations

Death Rites: are a private affair

Major Taboo: none

Prevalence: believed by most
Outsiders: are ostracized


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